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CPDM militancy during covid -19 crisis : Constant as the North Star

CPDM Militants are hand in glove with their National President Paul Biya supporting him as he combats the pandemic.

Their untainted love for their Party and the leader has again stood the test of time since the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic. The militants have demonstrated true militancy in the fight against the Coronavirus. They are leaving nothing to chance in pushing the protective guidelines given by the National President Paul Biya they use different means to rely information about the pandemic to fellow militants. The methods used cut across the board. From the month of March when Cameroon recorded its first cases of Covid19, the Secretary General of the central committee, Jean Nkuété came out strong in a speech calling on militants to respect protective measures prescribed by government. An excerpt of this information is published on the bottom front page of the Party Newspaper, L’Action, weekly. Beside this, the Newspaper carries reports weekly on how militant are coping with the situation on the field. In the sections, grass root authorities are creating different means to spread sensitization messages to educate militants on the virus. In the Momo west sectionWidikum for instance, the section President, Akwa Stephen Tambu has created a CPDM party forum through which mass sensitization is being carried out. According to him “we had to do this in order to keep our militants informed of everything and above the forum serve to relay party information be it from the local level or from the party hierarchy. This is so because we cannot meet in our usual rallies”. The traditional mouth to ear means of communication to is still being encouraged. According to Akwa “the party is afloat as we don’t only share Covid -19 information but anything concerning the party is shared in our forum.” All of this is to show their steadfastness to the party and to prove that their loyalty is for all times.

Irene Aweneg

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