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L’action 1192

Edition N°: 1192 du : 2018/12/13 – 00:47

Halted Babajou-Bamenda road
Good News !
Works will continue on the stretch, it emerged from an audience the Minister of Public Works granted a top official of the World Bank on Friday. 
Désarmement,Démobilisation Réinsertion au cameroun 
Le comité face à son destin 
National Disarmament Committee
CPDM’s hands on deck
The ruling party has a supporting role to play in helping the Committee meet its assigned mission. 
Un culte œcuménique pour Paul Biya
Il s’est tenu le 9 décembre dernier à la maison du parti de Bonanjo en l’honneur du Président national du Rdpc et chef de l’Etat. 
Quality, Affordable Health
Gov’t aligns with UN
The quest for a strong and resilient health system in Cameroon is the reason government through the ministry of health is continuing rehabilitation of facilities and the implementation of a UHC plan.