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BUEA : Council partners with UN, NGO against COvid-19

Within the last three weeks, Buea council has receive hand washing kits, face masks from partners.

As a measure to effectively fight against the COVID 19 pandemic, the Buea council through partnership has benefited from donations from some Non governmental organizations and the United Nations commission in the South West region. The donations which comes to add up what the council has been doing, compromised of hand washing kits and face mask. Last week, the United Nations commission in the South West region offered hand washing kits. About three weeks ago, the United Action for children and value Health of Africa equally donated a consignment of hygiene and sanitation materials. The mayor of Buea council, David Mafani Namange, while receiving these donations lauded the initiatives of the donors and stated that it will go a long way to serve the various quarters and villages especially those that the council can’t reach. “Buea is a vast municipality which is not easy for the council to supply hygiene materials at the same time. Before the donations from our partners, the council had acquired large hand washing kits of 1000 litres capacity and placed them on major public places like markets, motor parks and streets. These extra kits we received have added to the already existing ones and will be positioned in remote quarters”. As a measure to curb the spread of the coronavirus in Buea, the council’s first move was to set up a sensitization caravan, through a council van. Through this staffs of the council moves regularly across the various neighbourhoods, sensitizing the population on the various measures put in place by the Government to prevent coronavirus spread. To maintain social distancing, the council has embarked on the decongestion of the markets by creating temporal spaces where retailers can sell while respecting the one meter distance. Through the various drivers unions and syndicates, overloading of taxis and vehicles are cons t a n t l y checked to ensure that each vehicle carries a maximum of four persons. In collaboration with the administration and the forces of law and order, all drinking spots and eating houses have been shutdown. The mayor of Buea council urged the population to remain vigilant, continue to respect government measures and to report any suspected cases of the virus to competent health authorities.

jude efuterCha, in Buea

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