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Membership Records : Adamawa, East, Gabon Deposit Reports

Chargés de missions of the aforementioned Delegations of the CPDM have deposited loads of data collected within the framework of the validation of basic structures at the Central Committee.

The process to validate basic structures of the Party launched last March 13, 2021 has spanned through the months of April and May. As it stands, four regions and one external section- Gabon have sent in the results of their fieldwork, bringing the number of report files deposited at the Central Committee of the CPDM to five. The storeroom where the report files are being stocked is gradually running out of space as the data gathered by the various commissions is packed in huge bags and cartons. Some regions nonetheless have accompanied the truckloads of files with soft copies saved on USB flash keys.
As other regions and sections abroad are awaited to file in their reports, it should be understood that at the end, the data will be crosschecked and the information safeguarded for future stakes. As at now, no information is available as to the setting up of the taskforce that will scrutinise the reports. The atmosphere at the General Secretariat is calm leaving no cause for speculations. Already, militants have voiced their expectations as to the outcome of this process, which has helped many to set their membership records straight. Many militants, old and new have had their names inscribed on the rolls made available for the exercise. Others who had never before owned membership cards are now in possession of these important documents that attest to their belonging to the ruling Party.
Highly awaited after this validation process is the renewal of basic organs. The mandate of the current executive is drawing to its close as this year marks the five-year term stipulated in the Basic Texts of the Party. The elections within the party will be the opening to inject fresh impetus and put in place executives worthy of keeping the flame of the party burning.

Claudette CHIN

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