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Election des conseillers Régionaux 2020 La Politique

Widikum- Boffe : council Preparations Heighten

At voting day minus three, councillors and traditional rulers on the CPDM ticket for the widikum –Boffe council are putting all hands on deck to bring the expected victory to the CPDM.

Meetings to keep candidates and electors abreast are held systematically with every detail taking into consideration. Zonal coordinators have been sending in their reports for scrutiny to the local party authorities on the field. According to Akwa Stephen Tambu, section president, “the strategies we are using may differ, but all of us on the CPDM ticket have one objective as we look forward to the regional election, our target is to woo our electorate to cast their votes rightly and in favour of the CPDM hence the constant education of the runners,” he said. The Widikum- Boffe council area is divided into four council zones namely: Ambelle council zone, Bussam council zone, Menka and Widikum council zones with a zonal council coordinator assigned to every Zone. The councillors on their part have also been pleading with the Mayor and the section President to ensure their security during and after theis election given the porousness of security in the region. Threats from armed separatist to disrupt the election by imposing ghost towns as a means of preventing people from going to cast their votes are to be taken with utmost care thereby ensuring that these criminal do not have their way. Though the CPDM is running unchallenged in the Northwest region, it is still incumbent on the voters to not take anything for granted as those that will be voted will be representing the in- terest of the party for five years. Party manifestoes have been distributed to councillors as they prepared go to the divisional headquarters; Mbengwi for the council budgetary session sched- uled for the 4th and 5th of De- cember 2020.


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