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NASLA : In-service Training Curricular Launched

It comprised three cycles ranging from Ordinary level to Bachelor’s degree holders.

Staff and senior officials of the regional and local authority and those wishing to take up careers in the domain of Decentralization and local development have been provided the opportunity by the National School of Local Administration, NASLA to undertake in-service training. The general information and requirements have been made available by the institution to the public and users of the services.
The in service training for senior executives will be limited to holders of Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. For mid-level staff, it will include holders of GCE Advanced level or Baccalaureate, while in-service for specialized workers will be limited to Ordinary level certificate holders.
Each training cycle comprised two disciplines, which has been broken down into two specialities. According to the training, the administration and management of social policies will handle those who intend to work in the domain of health, human resources and social. Here the two sections are General administration and management of social policies.
The second category involves the economic and management of local finances. Here the focus is on economic planning, management and execution of accounting service, and the management of financial and material resources among others. The two specialities include management of local finances and economic development.
This program is coming at a time when most councils are in need of training. Lack of qualified personnel has been a problem to all councils and NASLA has been seen as the only way out of this problem.

Jude Efutercha

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