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Tackling Covid-19 : Health Ministry Relentless

In tweets and communiqués, the Minister of Public Health’s singsong is for Cameroonians to uphold barrier measures as government endeavours to stall the spread of the virus.

Wearing facemasks, washing hands regularly, avoiding crowded areas and seeking medical attention as soon as symptoms appear. All these and more are not new to Cameroonians who have become accustom to warnings at every juncture. The recent increase in the number of infected cases has been blamed on the negligence of the population that threw caution to the wind. The consequences are dire as news of covid-19 related deaths is flooding airwaves. However the authorities are not backing down, they continue to encourage everyone to be careful especially given the talk of different strains of the virus. Some Symptoms of infection from the Coronavirus are shortness of breath, cough and fever. According to the Ministry of Heath, the situation can be managed if diagnosed in time. Drinking of large amounts of water especially warm water could be of great help too. In the case where someone experiences symptoms, the Ministry of Health has provided a toll free number, which they can call. The number is 195 and put anyone faced with Covid – 19 Symptoms for a response team to come to their assistance.
Concisely the danger is far from being over reason why caution is required from everyone and at all times. This is the only way the population can help the authorities in their fight to curbe the spread and Covid -19 dead related cases.


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