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Mushroom Cultivation : Bafut Council Trains Famers

Over 30 farmers in Bafut Sub Division got a two-day workshop on mushroom cultivation; an initiative of council supported by the Community Education and Action Centre Bafut.

Low startup capital and profitability lured the council to pick mushroom farming, the First Deputy Mayor, Miriam Njibamum Lum Epouse said the cultivation of mushroom as she opened the training. “The council thought it necessary to empower these farmers who from the training will start making much money”, she said.
Adding that “it is a type of farming that you can do it anywhere even around your compound. From their participation for the past two days, I will tell you without mincing words that the council’s decision to organize this training was very timely and fruitful. They are ready to carry on with the cultivation of Mushroom in Bafut; they are ready to implement the knowledge acquired, their rate of anxiousness is so high and I am so happy for the turnout.”
Tamfu Beatrice Bih intends to share the skills acquired with other women. “We will be able to transform our community by training women in other meeting groups on how to cultivate mushroom for family consumption and for business motives”. “With this training I have come to understand that there are many ways to cultivate mushroom with common tools like sow dust and rice peelings”, she added.
The Director of Community Education and Action Center (CEAC) Bafut Wankwi Caroline said mushrooms are healthy and have a huge market. “Mushroom provides important nutrients such as potassium, niacin, Vitamin D, Proteins and fiber”, she said. Mushroom used to be fetched from the wild, today are grown in farms through out the year.


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