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20th May : Preparations in full gear

Barely a week to the celebrations of the 39th edition of the 20th may, groundwork for a hitch free feast are under way as preparatory meetings and march past rehearsals are the order of the day.

For the past days, preparatory meetings in view of 20th may celebrations are being organized with lots of precision given that this year will have a special reunification touch. The Minister of Youth Affairs, Adoum Garoua had in the past days presided over preparatory meetings for the forthcoming National Day. During the session, chairpersons of the various commissions gave accounts of preparatory activities towards the big day. They agreed that this year’s celebration should be particular. A special spectacle highlighting Cameroon’s reunification and unity shall be staged by 81 persons wearing special outfits and accessories bearing the flag of Cameroon that shall carry a golden star.

Away from meeting halls and round tables, the various schools that will be taking part in the march pass have been doing rehearsals for the day to be a historic one. Tuesday morning at the Yaoundé congress hall esplanade, pupils from the government primary school of Bastos organized in straight lines were being led by one of their teachers for their hour of practice. Beaming with smiles, a happy pupil was proud to have been chosen amongst many to represent the school at he boulevard on the d-day. “I am very happy because during the youth day I was not able to match but as we are practising now, we hope to do our best in order to make our teachers proud.”  According to the mistress who was in charge, “we have to come early enough so that by the time the sun is hot, we should be through and the pupils can go back to school for their lessons. Not all the pupils can represent the school so the few we have chosen have to do their best. This year we will carry banners with messages of reunification given that it is 50 years since the Cameroons became one.” The heat is on everywhere as the members of the school ban of the University of Yaoundé I have been sweating under the sun rehearsing tunes that will be played during the march pass. The day which is commonly known to be that in which the showcase their prioress, those of the corps have taken things preparations more seriously. In waiting for the grand rehearsal that will be done at 20th may boulevard, the gendarmes are converging at the reunification avenue, rehearsing in rang for a show off that is usually breath taking with well calculated foot steps. In their uniforms and well polished boots, heads held high, the spectacle is being fine tuned for may 20 2011 to enter the annals of history.
As part of preparations prior to the celebration of the national day, some schools added lessons on the history of the reunification of Cameroon to their time tables, to educate the children on how it all came about. Excursion trips to the reunification monument in Yaoundé was part of the attractions enjoyed by the pupils who were given a guided tour of the structure, showing them the importance of the structure which as they were told represents the hopes and dreams of a bilingual Cameroon that would serve as a beacon and example for the rest of Africa. Other meetings for an event free feast have been scheduled in the days to come, considering that the theme of this year’s celebration is yet to be pronounced. Apart from learning institutions and the army that will be taking part in the march pass, political parties are equally getting set to show their level of mobilising their militants, given that this is an electoral year. Their presence will be felt through messages on banners and placards showing their commitment to their respective parties. With preparations in full gear, the organizing commissions hope for all to be set before the day.

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