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Mbonge : council lobbies for covid 19 testing Kits

When available, the kids will be stationed at entry points to monitor all those entering into the municipality.

Being one of the largest subdivisions in the National territory, authorities of Mbonge municipality are of the concern that if extra measures are not taken, and fast, it will be disastrous if the coronavirus gets into the municipality. The mayor, Chief Daniel Matta Mokambe has disclosed that the council is sorting out means to negotiate for Covid 19 testing Kits, which will be placed at the entry points of the municipality. It will ensure that anyone intending to enter or pass through Mbonge will be subjected to testing. In this regards, and given the numerous entry points, the council will be demanding closed to ten testing Kits to station along Kumba-Buea road, Ekombe, Ekondo Titi, and the various beaches. As a measure to make the population aware of the pandemic, the council executive have undertaken sensitization campaigns to the different four court areas of the municipality. Through this the rural population have been called upon to observe the various measures set by the government. They have been called upon to avoid closed contacts with one another, wash hands regularly, use hand sanitizers and put on facemask. So far no suspected case of the virus has been recorded in the municipality. During the various sensitisation campaigns, the council distributed hand sanitizers, face masks, soap, and water Cans. These water Cans have equally been placed at public places across the municipality especially markets and gendarmerie posts. Also the council has taken measures to ensure that all drinking spots are shutdown, while drivers plying the municipality avoid over loading. Though some people complain of the difficulties of wearing the facemask constantly, the authorities reminded them that it is for their safety and that those who face difficulties putting on the mask should remain indoors. Being a rural population with difficulty in respecting government measures, the mayor is determined to continue with the sensitization across the various communities, using the forces of law and order to cause recalcitrant persons to adhere.

jude Efutercha

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