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Ngoketunjia I- Ndop : Special provisions to keep population safe

Militants of the CPDM in Ndop, the population now know what to do to bar the way to the coronavirus.

An emergency response plan carried out recently by the Mayor of Ndop 1 council, Dr. Ntoh Daniel Belenka who doubles as the CPDM section president, together with some elite of the municipality have opened the eyes of the people to the impending danger. Disinfectants, kitchen soap, hand sanitizers, buckets, facemasks and other equipment were some of the materials that the council offered militants of the CPDM, sympathizers, and the population of the municipality at large. The gesture which aimed at helping in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus in the municipality has been appreciated by many. The council official carried out massive sensitization to help spread the information on the danger that comes with the deadly coronavirus. Militants of the CPDM, sympathisers and many more turned out massively at the Ndop council esplanade to learn how to learn the appropriate ways of hygiene as a way of protecting themselves and the community as a whole. The council authorities reviewed the preventive majors laid down by the Governor Adolphe Lele LAfrique. Checkpoints will henceforth be set up at all entry and exit points to the municipality. Health workers and security forces will be stationed at these points in order to screen all those entering the area. Systematic testing and disinfection of all is now obligatory in the council area. As concerns socio cultural and profit making activities, the mayor said “the Governor’s orders that, gatherings of more than fifty people are banned throughout the region”. Security forces will be charged with the strict implementation of the measures and defaulters will be punished. This at a time when the North West region has confirmed five cases of infected persons who are being treated in the Bamenda regional hospital. The situation is serious and the council authorities are bent on giving the needed support to help reduce the further spread of the virus in their council area and the region at large.

IRENE AWENEG, with field report

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