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Murder of Javis Tende : YCPDM adds own voice

Dust is yet to settle in Njikwa following the murder of a young man who allegedly refused to join armed separatist.

The YCPDM section president for Momo North, Njikwa has added his own voice to deploy the sad incident that resulted to the killing off a youth in his section. With fingers pointing at the few armed separatists who continue to make sporadic attempts on life in the section, Amb Frnkine Aba pleaded on the youths of his section to heed to the call from the CPDM National President and Head of State for mutual forgiveness and for all to give peace a chance. In a WhatsApp message, he decried the cruelty of some few youths who are still perpetrating acts of violence in the area reminding them that they ought to use their strengths to build and not to destroy. The YCPDM Section President pleaded with these few to take the bold step like their peers who are now picking up their pieces after accepting the peace offer of the Head of State; and to do same. “As youths, we are the strength and the pride of our society, we must therefore make a conscious decision always to do what is right for a better tomorrow”, he said. “This is the only way through which we can be counted worthy to take from where our elders stop and also to leave a good legacy for those who will come after us too”, he continued. “To me that is wisdom” Ambo insisted. Violence has never been the solution to a problem and no society has been built through violence. As a reminder, the YCPDM section President said that the National President of the CPDM is a gift to this generation and the best they could do as youths was to tap from his wealth of experience and make right the wrongs of yesterday. By so doing they will be contributing in writing the beautiful pages of the country’s story.

Irene aweneg, WIth fIeld report.

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