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Election des conseillers Régionaux 2020

MONATELE : Ready to Answer History’s Call

Minister Moukoko Mbonjo, Member of the National Campaign Supervision Committee on a support mission to the area exhorted the councillors to vote the CPDM list and make history.

It was a full house that welcomed the delegation from the National Campaign Supervision Committee this December 4, 2020. Minister Moukoko Mbonjo headed a delegation on mission to assess the work done by the Council campaign commission and ferry the message of the Secretary General to councillors expected to vote in the country’s first regional elections. According to him, “Monatélé must like in the pastm vote massively for CPDM candidates into regional councils. It is an occasion for our comrades to correct the slip-up of the Municipal elections. We are thus assured that the message has been heard and that come December 6, CPDM candidates will be voted massively not only in Monatélé but all over the Lékié division”.
In his welcome address to Party, administrative and traditional authorities as well as MPs and Senators not forgetting other militants present, the Section president cum president of the Council campaign committee, Theophile Tsala Eloundou quipped that councillors had said “Yes” to CPDM lists and this was the occasion for them to seal their pact with Paul Biya. Going by the smooth unfolding of campaigns since its launch last November 21, 2020, they were all the more certain that every strategy had been put to use to convince the voters on choosing CPDM lists. He added that though the CPDM cohabits with other political parties in that council, it has the upper hand with eighteen of the 25 councillors.
The president of the Divisional campaign committee, Henry Eyebe Ayissi nonetheless cautioned councillors to remain determined but above all vigilant until the end while congratulating the council committee for work done since the start of campaigns. A few hours to the close of electoral campaigns, Minister Eyebe was confident that at the close of polls on December 6, councillors of Monatélé would not only participate in the election but also give CPDM candidates a hundred percent vote.

CHIN Claudette

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