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Covid- 19 alertness : Babessi still on guard

Authorities of the Ngoketunjia III section in Babessi say militants should continue to respect barrier measures against the Coronavirus

The plea was made recently by the Section President David Chindong after observing that people have parted ways with all barrier measures. “The threat is far from over reason why caution is still of utmost importance. However, since the relaxation of the lockdowns, people regained their normal lives completely and threw away the safety measures”, he remarked. The section President pointed out that this is risky especially given the resurgence of more deadly strains of the virus ravaging lives in the western world. Babessi like any locality in the Northwest region is under the plight of insecurity due to the ongoing crisis.
The section President plans to meet militants of the CPDM in the Ngoketunjia III section in the days ahead to re-echo the need for them to continue respecting barrier measures. However, if the plan does not work due to the insecurity in the region which has hampered movements, alternative measure will be used, like the reactivation of social media platforms and others means of communication. The bottom-line is to ensure that people do not lose sight of the need to keep safe at all times. This is in essence the message that David Chindong wants to pass across. “We would have loved to have this sensitisation meeting to educate our militants, because the danger of this pandemic is yet to be over”, Chindong said. Babessi is situated in the Ngoketunjia division of the Northwest region.
It has five fundoms mostly reachable by foot. The sporadic attacks from armed groups that usually involve loss of lives and property leaves no one in doubt that going to the field at this time could be dangerous. Despite all the threats from armed separatists, the Section President says the party is waxing strong. They run party affairs using social media and the mouth to ear means of communication when need be. The relevance of this information about the respect of barrier measures is another occasion where recourse to social media platforms cannot be undermined. Meanwhile the places, which are safe, will be reached and the information given to the militants no matter how far or near they may be Chindong David said.

Irene Aweneg

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