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14/12/2017 - 15:28
CPDM Actions : Developmental Stride, Major Concern

Cameroonians can bear witness to the fact that elected officials of the CPDM like Mayors, Senators and MPs have produced positive results in their respective localities. Their actions are thereby concurrent with those of the National President, Paul Biya in the amelioration of welfare services through the equitable distribution of the fruits of economic growth. “Our militancy must be one that gets us closer to the people.

We must get even more involved in their preoccupations. We must act in the field, the countryside, in the towns, always lending an ear to the wants, grievances and also to the proposals of our fellow citizens,” Paul Biya stated during the first extraordinary congress of the CPDM in 1995.

The dynamic and continuous actions of these CPDM officials can be vividly felt on the field as they try to solve the problems faced by citizens daily.  Aware that they were put in office by the people, the statesmen put in all their efforts to make sure they provide quality services in order to gain the confidence of the people. That is why it is common to see more developmental projects in CPDM-run councils unlike those engulfed by the opposition. In areas where there are no roads, they see to it that roads are constructed so that development can take its course.

The same goes for places short of electricity, no access to education, just to name a few. The numerous actions of elected CPDM officials on the ground have contributed greatly in their landslide victories during elections. President Paul Biya during the same congress had advised militants to show sincere and total commitment to their ideals; progress, peace and unity of action. “With your innovative spirit, your entrepreneurial initiative and concern for productivity, put your creativity to work in all your activities, be they personal or collective, local or national,” he reiterated. The country’s image has changed profoundly under the impetus of the CPDM because militants have implemented the principles of their National President.   

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