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14/12/2017 - 15:29
CPDM Leadership : Paul Biya’s Command Makes the Difference

His impulse in the party helps the CPDM to win big at elections, stay in power and rethink its configuration always. Since the 3rd ordinary congress in 2011 christened “fresh impetus” when militants renewed their confidence in him and voted him in as their national President, the head of the party injected new blood into the CPDM with the naming of the present Secretary General Jean Nkuéte. Not that the previous SGs were not up to the task but the new boss brought in his own unique touch.  

In the October presidential election of that same year, the National President, who according to article 27 (2) of the basic texts is the candidate of the party at any presidential election, won by a landslide. His charisma won the sympathy of many Cameroonians, who in turn voted for him. No doubt militants are calling once more for him to be their champ.   In the last five years he has progressively implemented the recommendations of the congress to make the party a modern one. Its sections, 366 in the country correspond to the existing subdivisions in the county thanks to the creation of more sections. This move by the national president to restructure the party breaks the CPDM into easily manageable units. He moved a step further to create the office of permanent regional and divisional coordinators of party activities in the country.

Not to lord it over the bosses of the party at the grass roots, but to create a platform that will enable section presidents of a defined geographical location design a common strategy.President Biya moved up another rung in the restructuring to create and appoint officials to man the office of the secretary for strategic planning and training, and the head of the academy all men of mantle with CPDM ranks. It is an attempt to have a party that anticipates and cultivates its militants to be desired ones and good citizens. Without any further ado, the National President extended the Electoral College to all the militants as far as voting the section president is concerned. In 2015, the reorganization of the basic organs saw the implementation of this by-law. 

A good leader must correct his folks. In the wake of legislative and municipal elections, a handful of militants derailed from the guidelines of the Secretariat General of the CPDM. After hearing and transmission of reports from the Peter Mafany Musonge committee, the president slammed punishments of dismissal and suspension on recalcitrant militants. It was a wakeup call on the importance of discipline in a ruling party.  Without using his office of Head of State to point out his leadership skills, his decisions and directives at the helm of the party clearly demonstrate his leadership qualities.

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