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18/01/2019 - 05:29
Jean Nkuete in Bamenda
Jean Nkuete in Bamenda
Peace Restoration Mission

07 décembre 2016

In a bid to restore peace and unity and find a lasting solution to the strike action in Bamenda, the Secretary General of the Central Committee is leading a delegation to the North West Region Thursday December 8, 2016.

After several meetings held in Yaoundé to ensure that the concerns of teachers and Lawyers in Bamenda which has resulted to the strike action be looked into, Jean Nkuete will tomorrow Thursday lead a strong man delegation to Bamenda so that they can put heads together as a people to ensure that life returns to normal.

To this effect the  Head of the North West Permanent Regional Delegation of the Central Committee, Prime Minister and Head of government Philemon Yang invites  all members of the political Bureau, members of the central committee, members of the permanent Regional Delegation, members of the  Divisional Delegation, members of government, Senators, Members of Parliament, Section Presidents,  Mayors and deputies, Fons of the North West Region, elite and well wishers to a mega rally to be presided at by the Secretary General of the Central Committee at the Bamenda grand stand at 1:00pm prompt on Thursday 8th.  Jean Nkuete will be accompanied in this working visit by Prof. Ndembiyembe Paul-Célestin, (Secrétaire à la Formation Politique et à la Prospective) Monkam Nitcheu Jean Fabien, Ndong Soumhet Benoit, (Conseillers auprès du Secrétariat General du Comité Central) Mien Zok Christophe, (Directeur des Organes de Presse, de l’Information et de la propagande) Fru Jonathan, (Chargé de Mission au Secrétariat du Comité Central) Mme. Enanga Kebbi Juliana, Chargé de Mission au Secrétariat Général du Comité Central) Tagnin Tchidzem André, Chef du Secrétariat Particulier du Secrétaire General du Comité Central) Tono Ebode Claude, (Chef de L’Unité de Protocole au Secrétariat General du Comité Central)  and Mbathe Paul, (Cadre d’appui au Secrétariat Général du Comité Central).

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