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Sporting Activities
Sporting Activities
Athletes Rally behind President Biya

07 novembre 2014

Over 450 athletes turned out on Thursday November 6, 2014 at the courtyard of the conference centre to take part in sporting activities organized by the Cameroon Peoples’ Democratic Movement (CPDM) to mark the 32 anniversary of President Paul Biya’s accession to power – the party’s National President.

The courtyard of the Yaoundé conference centre was the start-off point for the mass –participation event. It began with the mini marathon at 7:25 at the signal of the party’s scribe Jean Nkeute. Some 400 runners set off to cover the 21 km distance in the company of the brass band of the National School of Youth and Sports (INJS) clad in party uniform, and to traditional beats from dance groups. 

52 minutes 31 seconds later, Mbatacha Eric returned as winner of the men’s category. 8 seconds separated him from the first-runner up Oumarou Mouhamadou and Douza Patson came third. In the female category, 14 year old Jafe Ladifatou won the race in one hour 13 minutes. With Ladifatou’s victory bringing her 100,000 francs CFA.  Cezeno Meli was second while Lyngo Christabelle occupied the third position. 

Runners wore party T-shirts bearing the theme of the anniversary celebration, “Together behind Paul Biya to fight insecurity and preserve peace in Cameroon” loosely translated from French.  Five minutes after the takeoff of the mini –marathon participants, 14 athletes of the roll-skating category set off.

Promoting inclusiveness, the party thought of the physically challenged. 8 visually impaired candidates hand-held by their guides took off five minutes later to the south entrance of the conference centre -their turn point and in 6 minutes, Tchakoudi Valery crossed the finish line. Mohamed Garba followed him, while Atangana Nsama came third.While waiting for the athletes to return, the Groupe Ekan Nkodongo, Gkwanloum Banoun, Ecole de police brass band, Groupna Touporie and the INJS brass band sang and danced to the pleasure of the SG, his collaborators, invited guests and militants who turned out for the event.To support the SG at the event, were the Deputy SG Gregoire Owona, the Officer in charge of Special Organizations Bidong Mkaptt, the President of the Sports and Leisure Subcommittee Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa, Deputy Secretary of Communication Pierre Mokoko Mbonjo, the two technical advisers Pr. Paul Célestin Ndembiyembe and Jean-Fabien Monkam Nitcheu, and General Secretariat staff. 

Jude Viban

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