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Updating Section Information : Executives Leave no Stone Unturned

Canvassing for new voters is the main preoccupation of most if not all executives of the basic organs of the party, after the directives given by Jean Nkuété.

Section executives have since the directives given by the Secretary General of the Central Committee Jean Nkuété, been cross-checking their plans of action for the year, taking into consideration the fact that more voters need to be enrolled before the electoral corps is convened. The reorganization of the Party’s basic organs in 2015 helped set some records straight in several sections, giving a clearer view of the party’s grip in various localities. The statistics gotten from the aforementioned reorganization are helping executives of the organs to better comb areas that till now may have been eluded for diverse reasons. The SG made it crystal clear that it was not a call for people to hold rallies to talk about the circular. It is rather the time to put last minute strategies into motion and make the most of the time Elecam will be on the field.

According to some section presidents, they are teaching by example and brandishing their already obtained cards to convince militants who are still lagging behind. It has been said that if only the members of the executive of each section, branch and cell could get just one person to register on voters’ rolls, the result would be overwhelming.So far, in the troubled anglophone regions, some areas are coming out of the mayhem and conflict that characterized them. It is the case with Jakiri in the North West region where the section president of Bui V Wirngo Bouba says the calm which has returned will enable him and his colleagues work towards increasing the dwindling number of voters.
To the section president of Boyo IV in Fonfuka George Shey Kimbi, not many militants have been registered this year, though over 7000 were enrolled last year. He blames this on the lack of identification posts, which till now poses a great obstacle to the registration process in several localities. The fact that militants have to travel to Belo, Fundong or Njinikom, the only towns with identification posts is a huge hurdle which to him may be solved if the lone post created in 2007 goes operational. In an upcoming meeting to group section presidents from the North West region, it is hoped that such difficulties will be addressed in order for better results to be obtained at the end of the voter registration exercise.

Claudette chin

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