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CPDM Guns Cream of the Crop :

It’s game time and the ruling party intends to play its choicest cards to make the most of it.

When the President of the Republic convened the Electoral College for the senatorial elections slated for 25 March 2018, players on the political game board realized the time had come to have a peep at their cards and know which ones to use at what time. Just like a game of cards, it is that instance when the CPDM looks amongst its militants to pick out those who can better represent it in such grand arenas as the Senate. It is thus no joking matter when the National President of the CPDM, Paul Biya in his circular stressed that “the CPDM will have to field candidates worthy of senatorial stakes in all electoral constituencies.” By this he implied “women and men of substance and integrity, with extensive experience, resolutely committed, faithful, loyal, representative, credible and able to contribute with competence and abnegation to the accomplishment of the missions of the Senate.
So far, serious work has been done at the level of the regional delegations temporally transformed as Reception, Analysis and Evaluation commissions to aid in forwarding lists of hopefuls. It is now that the much talked of political maturity of the militants is being judged as choices made may not always favour all but which according to the powers that be safeguard the interests of the Party. The nominations conducted within the CPDM may just be a way of picking the fine corn from the chaff at a time when there is need to strike a balance amongst the plethora of criteria for top notch candidates.
Talking of experience, even though the adage of “what an old man can see while sitting…” still holds water, it is true that the young have been keen and have washed their hands to join the elders at table. As senators on the CPDM ticket, resolute commitment and loyalty are a prerequisite which for sure were used in the choice bid. For sure, the criterion of being up to date in paying dues and one’s service to the party would be considered while choosing people. While the CPDM continues to support government action in consolidating the country’s democratic system, it is for certain that it will not relent efforts in making the right choices of people worth the salt to carry on the missions of the august house.

Claudette Chin

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