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Kumba : Gunmen cross redline

Four patients undergoing treatment were burnt together with 15 vehicles 

Reports indicate that the fire started at about 1:15 am on February 11 at the maternity section of the Kumba District Hospital.  There was great pandemonium as patients undergoing treatment, nurses on duty and hospital security men ran helter skelter, eye reports say. In no time, the raging fire had engulfed the theatre, male and female surgical wards and the consultant room. Despite the presence of the fire fighting brigade some few meters from the hospital, the situation could not be salvaged. Four patients who could not get to their feet were burnt to death.
Meanwhile fifteen vehicles belonging to staff and the hospital were all burnt to ashes.There is relative calm across the city of Kumba as accusing fingers continue pointing at separatist fighters who are still blamed for setting the of Mbonge District Hospital on fire last year, an incident which is still fresh in the minds of the population. This adds to the number of atrocities already committed by the armed group. The Hospital which until now has been the pride of the population, serving Ndian, Kupe Muanenguba, Meme and part of Fako Division, now lies in ruins as the population laments the loss.
Investigations are underway with some staff of the hospital on duty that night in Police custody for questioning.The population has expressed indignation at the growing number of atrocities perpetrated by secessionist elements as they are blamed for the current hardship in the area. The population, silenced by threats has not stopped begging for peace to be restored so that life can return to normal.
                                                                                                                                 Jude Efutercha

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