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staying Safe and Fashionable : Face Masks Enter Trend

Fashion lovers are now wearing the protective gears in stylish ways, going the extra mile of matching these accessories with their outfits.

Once an item that was spotted in hospital laboratories, theatres and even farms to name but these, face masks have now become trendy thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. In a bid to limit the contagion, one of the options adopted and prescribed by authorities was the obligatory wearing of facemasks and since it has become part of the dress code, some Cameroonians have resorted to making the most of the moment by completing their everyday looks with matching facemasks. The coronavirus pandemic has made them a staple of our everyday wardrobe, as it is now an item donned as frequently as shoes and clothes.
Apart from the imported surgical masks, the rising pandemic opened the way for locally produced masks to walk the lanes of fame. Several tailors are using various fabrics to stitch the face accessory as clients place orders for designs that match their clothes. Now that they have gone mainstream, cloth masks are being designed in a variety of patterns and colours. In many circles – particularly the more style-minded – the mask has become more of a chic accessory than a simple covering. Such eye-catching colours as blue, black, pink, yellow orange are also on display on stands along roadsides, vendors are making brisk business as access to most if not all public and private offices are only granted with one’s facemask on. The most notable trend in 2021 may turn out to be face fashion.
Many have attested to loving a matching look. Having a mask that matches their outfit makes it more fun and whimsical to wear, something that is important in such a serious and scary time. “I do like to wear a mask that goes with what I am wearing. It is my way of staying safe and staying chic!” Awambeng Nikki, public service agent confirmed. While some are making fashion statements and incorporating the facemask into their outfits, others have stuck to the conventional style. It is the case of Flora Obassi a finance expert who says, “I don’t take the fashion detail seriously. I am using the all blue or all white available on sale”.
Online reports even reveal that with the rising trend, many fashion designers are taking note and now creating their own matching outfits. “Everyone is on it right now including designers. It is a necessary fashion statement right now” a blogger commented. It is no surprise, that the face coverings we’ve been advised by authorities to wear for minimizing the spread of Covid-19 have been embraced by the fashion world. These have become distinctive utility apparel items people now own.

Claudette CHIN

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