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Senate : Nfon Victor Italicizes Hate, Division, Stigmatization in Speech

The Eldest Member of the Senate, Sentor Nfon Victor Mukete sounded alarm bells last Thursday.

Senator Nfon Mukete, 102, called on Cameroonians to avoid hate, division and stigmatization, which seem to be engulfing the country. He was speaking in the makeshift Chambers of the senate at the Yaounde Conference Centre as he chaired the opening plenary sitting of the March 2021 ordinary session. He said, “this baseless wind of hatred, rejection by one another and stigmatization has no place within the heritage handed down to us by our ancestors with regard to the spirit and the demands of life in the society within a state as ours which is moving positively towards emergence by 2035.”
The Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute, ministers and members of the diplomatic corps were among those who listened to baritone of Nfon Mukete.
“You can understand the emotion with which I take the floor before this august assembly whereby despite the many significant political, economic and social efforts made by his Excellency Mr. Paul Biya President of the Republic, efforts for which the Senate warmly congratulates him, wind of bad omen continue to blow in some regions of our country,” he continued. Adding “we must reject this negative wind, conceptions and ways of living in our country. We must be exemplary citizens in the way we are, act, and assume our responsibilities in areas that help us achieve our goals.”Nfon Mukete begged his colleagues to pocket political differences and speak for the general public during parliamentary debates in the March Session. Senators, he said, should be examples in respecting Covid-19 barrier measures outlined by the government.
When a bureau is elected, it will take over from the interim led by Senator Nfon Mukete


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