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Renouvellement 2021

Implementation of Dialogue Resolutions : PM Evaluates Road Covered Today

Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute chose the International World Peace Day, Tuesday September 2021, to travel to the South West region as he continues his quest for the return of peace in the English-speaking parts of the country.

Today, the Prime Minister will chair the second session of the Committee to follow-up the implementation of the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue. Since the Major National Dialogue held in Yaoundé from September 30 to October 4, 2019, as one of the efforts by President Paul Biya to fix the grievances of the Anglophone community, and other issues of national interest; government has steadily implemented the resolutions. The Committee to follow-up the implementations of the resolutions of the Major National Dialogue had its first session in Yaoundé. Although members of the Technical Unit of the Committee have been meeting monthly. This time, the Prime Minister who was Chairman of the Major National Dialogue and later head of the committee moved the session to Buea in the South West region where full normalcy is yet to return after four years of armed conflict between separatist fighters and government forces.
Cameroonian authorities say pockets of peace are returning to some areas of the English-speaking regions, and government is working for an end to the conflict. Such seems to lie in the just implementation of all Dialogue resolutions.
The Prime Minister and his team of experts drawn from over 14 ministries, and institutions such as the National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturism, Cameroon Human Rights Commission, and others, will brainstorm on the way forward, and set new deadlines and tasks. The Secretary of the Follow-up Committee to implement the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue Felix Mbayu, also Minister Delegate to the Minister of External Relations in Charge of Commonwealth will assist the Prime Minister. Minister Mbayu was the Secretary of the Major National Dialogue.
The session will hold at the National School for Local Development and Administration, NASLA – fruit of the Dialogue recommendation which asked for the fast-tracking of the decentralisation process. So far, the government has taken a college of actions hinged on the recommendations of the 2019 Dialogue.
Besides the session, the PM will on Thursday September 23, 2021 grant audiences to groups: civil society, political parties, religious authorities, trade union of teachers and others. The PM and his guests, will largely talk peace, L’Action has learnt. Crowds turned out to welcome the Prime Minister upon his arrival on Tuesday.


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