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school resumption : What will be different?

Depending on the coronavirus pandemic evolution in Cameroon, schools are likely to open doors come June 1 but most certainly, extra care will be needed.

Following the announcement that schools could resume in June, parents and teachers alike have expressed varying concerns. For sure, government had put the topic under scrutiny and modalities are being fine-tuned in the event where pupils and students will have to return to the classrooms. As at now, talk has it that examination classes are most concerned. With the outbreak of the covid-19, schools closed their doors on March 18 2020 in a bid to shield the vulnerable population from the deadly virus. Months after this decision, schools are still closed but students are attending virtual classes being dispensed over the internet, state-run television and radio. According to Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, the decision taken by the Head of State H.E Paul Biya for schools to resume is subject to change depending on the evolution of the pandemic in the country. Opinions hold that schools would have to make several changes to safely open under this phase. With the over crowded nature of classrooms in the country, the first most important measure will be to decongest them. They might institute staggered drop-off and pickup times to keep children from gathering in big groups. Schools would have to space desks and sleeping mats (for nursery sections) as far apart as possible ideally six feet or more. Guidelines will have to warn against hugging, handshaking and holding hands if you can imagine an elementary school teacher of young children having to refrain from such contact. There is no doubt that authorities of all institutes of learning will adopt the life saving habit of constantly wiping down and disinfecting everything, from desks to playground equipment to bathrooms. Schools will thus be urged to examine their ventilation systems. Children, in most places, would likely wear masks, a recommendation which is now being respected as part of measures to keep the coronavirus at bay. Of course, if there is a resurgence, all bets are off. It could be right back to fully virtual schools.

Claudette chin

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